The company was first registered in 1992 by Revigesso. Since then we have grown in size and structure and gained a strong reputation in our market, both in Portugal and abroad, in 2014 Revigesso became Teaga II Building Solutions, LDA.


The TEAGA group is a civil engineering business since 1992 and currently has a team of 75 employees. The group focuses on two distinct, core areas, in Portugal; civil engineering and Building, while in France façade covering solutions Our main Focus is maintaining the continues growth in the national market and consolidate our presence in France.




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Distinction awards

Our Mission

Being more cohesive every day. Having teams that are more capable to seek out their difficulties and transforming them into opportunities so that we can be better and do more. We focus on the quality of the services that we provide, counting on the knowledge of our teams which play a key role in the growth and sustainability of our company.

We count on a young labor force (average age of 38), highly motivated and with great learning capacity that allows us to “think out of the box”, benefiting within the constant shifting of the industry with new demands and tendencies.

Whereas, a mission statement, by definition, is considered to be the reason of any organization/cooperation and therefore their purpose; purpose of which they were created and which defines its identity, its future and the way it wants to be recognized by its customers, market, other partners and employees (The main purpose of a mission statement is to increase employee engagement and to encourage them to work effectively together, gain direction, meaning and a sense of belonging).

We therefore Propose:
Provide services in the field of civil construction, consolidate our competence and expertise, in a sustained manner optimizing our performance in terms of quality, cost-effectiveness, deadlines and core values, aiming to ensure customer satisfaction and confidence enabling global and sustainable growth, capable of embracing economic, social and environmental development in our operating areas.

Social responsability

- Offered a Firefighters Van to the Voluntary Firefighter of Oliveira de Frades - Support the Oliveira de Frades Sports Team Awards and Distinctions: -PME Leader by Banco BPI -PME Leader by the Banco BES


2012: Indoor training related to the theme: Leadership and Teamwork – Porto Várzea – Campia
2011: Dynamic Activity: Paintball – Serra do Ladário
2010: Workshop related to the subject: Safety at Work – Santarém
2004: Holidays to the Dominican Republic offered to employees





-18th place in the rank 100 largest companies of Oliveira de Frades
– 2nd Place in the rank of Construction Companies in town of Oliveira de Frades
– 38th Place in the rank of largest companies of the town of Oliveira de Frades
– 360º Place in the rank of largest companies of the District of Viseu

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