The company was first registered in 1992 by Revigessos. Since then we have grown in size and structure and gained a strong reputation in our market, both in Portugal and abroad, in 2014 Revigesso became Teaga II Building Solutions, LDA.


The TEAGA group is a civil engineering business since 1992 and currently has a team of 75 employees. The group focuses on two distinct, core areas, in Portugal; civil engineering and Building, while in France façade covering solutions Our main Focus is maintaining the continues growth in the national market and consolidate our presence in France.




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Distinction awards

Our Mission

We work with simple and clear goals, obtaining the best results for each team. Each employee with his personal experience, his work, giving his contribution to the maintenance, sustainability and growth of the group. To continue our mission, we select the best professionals, creating a culture of motivation and creativity that drives us to continuous improvement.

Social responsability

- Offed a Firefighters Van to the Voluntary Firefighter of Oliveira de Frades - Support the Oliveira de Frades Sports Team Awards and Distinctions: -PME Leader by Banco BPI -PME Leader by the Banco BES


2012: Indoor training related to the theme: Leadership and Teamwork - Porto Várzea - Campia 2011: Dynamic Activity: Paintball - Serra do Ladário 2010: Workshop related to the subject: Safety at Work - Santarém 2004: Holidays to the Dominican Republic offered to employees





2012: - 2nd Place in the rank of Construction Companies in town of Oliveira de Frades - 38th Place in the rank of largest companies of the town of Oliveira de Frades - 360º Place in the rank of largest companies of the District of Viseu 2017: 18th place in the rank 100 largest companies of Oliveira de Frades

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